Global–Local themes

A fairer future

I am overwhelmingly interested in themes surrounding energy, environment, sustainability, health and development, and how technology in the informational age can be used to address issues in these areas.

In 2013
I worked with Bristol-based charity The Converging World on their Access to Affordable Energy Programme. After looking at models for community engagement and different options for the implementation of solar energy to benefit certain marginalised communities in India, I developed a model to fit the context, and finally wrote a successful funding application to enable the project’s implementation.

I was also lucky enough to work with sustainable development charity For-Ethiopia on an inspiring project bringing together the themes of environmental technology, health and development. A 2012 trip to Oromia, Ethiopia, where we installed solar powered medical vaccine fridges at remote rural health posts, gave rise to this report. In 2013 I returned to the Oromia region with For-Ethiopia to install three more solar vaccine refrigerators, and produced a follow-up report with data on the reduction of wastage rates, which is available for download from the Dulas website.

In 2012
I began working with citizen journalist network Key Correspondents and their Latin American counterparts Corresponsales Clave. Correspondents based in more than 50 countries write about health and development issues affecting them and their communities, and in doing so give a voice to those who otherwise have no way of making themselves heard. You can read a selection of these translations in my portfolio.

I translated a manual for the design and installation of stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems for ITACA, a non-profit organisation working mainly in Latin America which propagates the use of appropriate technologies for practical solutions in marginalised communities. This manual is now available on Amazon.

My interest in environmental issues was born from a childhood passion for the natural world, and has been a continuously developing theme throughout my life. My first practical introduction to permaculture practices was a summer spent volunteering at the Sunseed Desert Technology project in Almería, Spain. Volunteering for a number of environmental initiatives during university nurtured this growing interest and after graduating I began working for a local solar energy company. Some articles written during this period can be viewed in my portfolio.

I am always interested in projects which highlight these and other themes of global–local importance. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project – I’d love to hear about it!


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